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Procedure for e-filing applications.
  1. First time users of Cyber Appellate Tribunal E-filing have to register him/her through the "Sign Up" option.
  2. Through "e-FILING" only Legal Practitioner, petitioners-in-person and authorised agents by the tribunal can file cases in the Cyber Appellate Tribunal.
    • "Legal Practitioner" option is to be chosen if you are Legal Practitioner.
    • "In Personal" option is to be chosen if you are petitioner-in-person.
    • "Agent" option is to be chosen if you are authorised agent by Cyber Appellate Tribunal.
  3. For registering first time personal details such as Address, contact details, E-mail Id etc., which are mandatory, need to be entered.
  4. After successful registration, the user can login to their account by entering username and password chosen by him/her.
  5. After successful login, the user can file the case electronically.
  6. "New Form" option allows the user to file a new case. Step by step filing of application is available here.
  7. "Select Case" option allows the user to choose and edit the already filed cases. You can see whole filed application here and also unfilled parts of the application which is stated in red colour.
  8. After successfully filing the case please save the application on your computer, by pressing 'SAVE' button present at the bottom-left of the page.

Note: Take printout of word file and submit six(6) copies of this application along with printouts of annexures with each application and single demand draft.

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