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  1. Q1. Can anyone come directly to CyAT. for case registration?
  1. Ans. No one can come directly to CyAT. Applicant has to complain on state level first, and if he/she is not satisfied with the justice then he/she can come to CyAT.
  1. Q2. From where one can get forms for Application/Appeal?
  1. Ans. Either he can get this form from Registrar of CyAT or can download from CyAT website under E-Filling section
  1. Q3. What is the fee for submission of Application/Appeal form?
  1. Ans. A fee of Rs. 2,000 (rupees two thousand) only which shall be either in the form of a crossed demand draft or a pay order drawn on a Scheduled Bank in favour of the Pay and Accounts officer, Deity and payable at New Delhi.
  1. Q4. Which authentic documents are required for verification?
  1. Ans. Every application shall be accompanied by a paper book containing – A certified copy of the order against which the application has been filed; Copies of the documents relied upon by the applicant and referred to in the application; and an index of documents. The documents referred to in sub-rule (1) may be attested by an advocate or by a Gazetted Officer. Where an application is filed by an agent, documents authorising him to act as such agent shall also be appended to the application. Provided that where an application is filed by an advocate it shall be accompanied by a duly executed “Vakalatnama”.
  1. Q5. When and who will notify appellant about hearing or next step?
  1. Ans. Registrar will send notices to the concerned persons about all updates.

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